Friday, October 9, 2009

WOOHOO...1st class was a blast!

Our Inaugural Class was fantastico!  Chris and I had so much fun and we're pretty sure our attendees did as well.

After slaving to get my studio clean, it was torn up again by the end of class...which is exactly what I was hoping for!  Our seven students made the most wonderful charms. Even those who didn't consider themselves particularly crafty were creative divas.

The first class focused on easy charms and simple collage construction;  the most challenging aspect was the TINY scale we were working in.  Now we know to provide a few more long-nose tweezers, and to remind people to bring their reading glasses!

The ladies learned how to wrap their copper tape and burnish it well to prepare for the soldering.  After a soldering demonstration at the end of class, we said goodbye until next week.  Chris and I are now soldering the charms for the students (we'll save hands-on soldering instruction for another time) and adding little crystals to some of them.  Here they are before silvering:

They turned out so great...I love them all. The house charms have street maps of Portland on the backs. The initials are backed with mirrors. Darling!

Next class will have the students working on larger collages and learning a few techniques for doing backgrounds and altering photos.  I wish this same group of women could just come over every Tuesday night and just hang out and have fun!


  1. What a wonderful class and I adore the charms and the house/map ones are fantastic!! Great shots of the crafting, sure wish I were closer, I'd be there for sure!

  2. I am so proud of us! If the first class was a sign of our success we are on our way! Too FUN! It will be interesting to see what this Tuesday brings. :-)

  3. Came over from Dawn's, the feathered nest.

    Welcome to blogland.


    barbara jean

  4. Your class looked like so much fun, and the little charms are sooo cute! Congrats on your new venture, and welcome to blogland. Lisa

  5. Wished I could have been to your class..looks like so much fun. Hubby and I used to do stained maybe I should try this..welcome to the world of bloggers. Sally