Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Collages

We just had our second class Tuesday evening and I am amazed by the beautiful collages everyone created!  Our project was crafting a 4" coaster, using a variety of botanical, butterfly, and bird images.  We combined them with vintage script or sheet music, and added vintage postage stamps.  (I scored a big collection of fabulous stamps at Goodwill last week---what a terrific find!)

Can you believe how beautiful these are?  The backs are just as pretty:

On the backs we used more sheet music, French text, or vintage wallpaper, then finished them off with little rubber pads in the corners.

Here are a few more (they are fantastic!):

Our parting shot is of the lovely Kathleen and Michele showing their handiwork (note the cute charms on their new necklaces!):

 It was the perfect ending to our first session of Collage College!  Chris and I had a blast and LOVED our first group of attendees.  Next week: our special Halloween Class!  EEEEEEEEEEEK!


  1. They are ALL so gorgeous!!! I love this idea for coasters too ~ makes me want to solder! I love too many things.....have a wonderful day Maggie! xxoo, Dawn

  2. marg, I think I know where my soldering gun is. I want to make stuff!

  3. margo, what do you cover the coasters with to make them liquid-proof?

  4. didi, the coasters are collaged images sandwiched between two 4" x 4" pieces of glass. The copper is burnished quite well so spilling/liquidity shouldn't be a prob.