Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Here's My Heart, Valentine!

Sending out lots of love into the universe.....

Have a love-filled Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I forgot how to blog.....but Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi to any followers still out there! 
It has been ages since I did a blog entry, and I had to remember how to do it!

I've been very absent from the whole blog scene for such a long time, not adding to my own, and rarely checking in on my reading list.  I don't know why.... I guess glimpsing Facebook and Instagram updates has been satisfying my need to see what many of my favorite bloggers have been up to.  And I think that is the case with many folks out there in blogland.  It just isn't the same as it used to be. 

It has also been ages since I did an ATC swap.  So I joined in on "Pretty and Pink", hosted by the uber talented Kim at ArtJoyStuff.  I'm SO GLAD she recently decided to reinstate her fun swaps!

Here is my little creation, done 3 times for a 3 x 3 swap:

I've also been busy designing reusable shopping totes for one of my regular clients.  Just finished were several Valentine designs, and they will be shown to the buyer next week (for Kroger affiliates nationwide, and Fred Meyer here in the Pacific NW)....so you get a sneak peek!  There's no guarantee any will get chosen for printing....it's always a crap-shoot for these spec designs, but my fingers are crossed.  I went with three very different design styles, hoping one, two, or all three (!!) will appeal to the buyer. Designed a year in advance, these would roll out January, 2018 if selected.  Sorry about the big copyright notice, but I have to protect these since they are not 'out there' yet.

And, in keeping with the Valentine 'theme' of this post, look what i found at the beach this weekend!
I 'm always on the lookout for heart-shaped pebbles and rocks, and this one was a doozie!
It's HUGE!

Hope you all have a 

and thanks for stopping by!