Monday, December 21, 2009

More Later...

Just a quickie post to put this photo up.  This is from the last Holiday Ornament class (click on photo to enlarge).  I still need to post pictures from the last Collage College class....really running behind these days!

More to come.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home-baked Goodness

I am rushing around like a mad hobbit, trying to get ready for Marie's holiday sale, but wanted to do a quick post to show you the domestic goddess Chris in all her Betty-Crocker-glory:

Now, see what you're missing if you don't come over for Collage College??

I hope to post pictures soon of the latest batch of cute charms and coasters our newest class made, as well as the wonderful holiday ornaments that were created last week.  Check back in a few days.  Off now to paint some more............

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Little Glimpse

I am getting ready for a new class tonight, but wanted to do a quick little post to say that I will be participating in Marie Livingston Bullier's annual Holiday Boutique next weekend, Dec. 11-12.  She always puts on a wonderful sale, so I'm tickled to be a part of it.  In addition to a few soldered items (charms, necklaces, ornaments and coasters), I'll have some small mixed-media collaged paintings.

It will be a collection of angel images, collaged with snippets of vintage Scripture and sheet music, etc.  In my illustration work, I do very realistic renderings for Simplicity Pattern Co.  (you can see some of that work here), so this is a nice change for me:  working in a different style, a little more "folk-y" but still painting girls, girls, girls (like I've been doing for 30 years now......Aaaack!).  I'll be selling originals as well as prints made into cards and possibly ornaments.  We'll see how much I get done in the next week!

Meanwhile, I've been pulling everything out of the cupboards for the Holiday Ornament class tonight.  We were only going to be having one class, on the 15th, but had enough interest to have a second.  I CANNOT wait!! I want to make about 50 myself....but that won't happen.  You'll see class results here soon.  I wish my three sisters lived closer---these would be so much fun to do together.  (I miss them so much around the holidays :- (