Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home-baked Goodness

I am rushing around like a mad hobbit, trying to get ready for Marie's holiday sale, but wanted to do a quick post to show you the domestic goddess Chris in all her Betty-Crocker-glory:

Now, see what you're missing if you don't come over for Collage College??

I hope to post pictures soon of the latest batch of cute charms and coasters our newest class made, as well as the wonderful holiday ornaments that were created last week.  Check back in a few days.  Off now to paint some more............


  1. I should have known that you would post that Betty Crocker moment. Too funny! Love you, Chris

  2. I went to a sale party at a friend's boutique this week and thought of you! Wore the "fa-la-la" charm you made me last year, so much better than the items for sale at the boutique! I did see some melted-glass charms that were mounted on scrabble pieces that were quite "charming," love Fafi