LACE Pendants

I do a lot of custom lace pendants, perfect keepsakes for treasured lace snippets. 

They make wonderful bridesmaids' gifts, with a piece of the bride's dress in a necklace for each bridesmaid.

Or, keep a tiny bit from your mother's vintage gown encased in a beautiful pendant to wear everyday.

The pieces in the gallery below have all sold;  
special orders available, 
and can be customized with your piece of keepsake lace.
Send a message to me in my Etsy shop, email me (see link in sidebar), or leave a comment below.

~click photo to see larger~ 


I communicate with the client through each step, usually through Etsy Conversations. Here, I am showing client the exact area of her precious vintage lace I plan on cutting for her heart-shaped pendant.

Contact me (see link in sidebar) for custom orders!

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