Monday, March 15, 2010

More Glittery Goodness...

We had our fourth "Girly & Glittery" class a couple of weeks ago (can't believe we've had four already!). This was another class that we did not have on our original calendar, but someone (thank you, Kathy!) requested that we add it.  I can't begin to tell you how tickled we are when we get these 'special requests'--it is very affirming, to say the least!  It reassures us that we weren't crazy to start this venture, and that people really want to do our classes.  And, as of today, we just had a request to add a fifth Glittery installment later this month--a special get-together/activity that someone (thank you, Emily!) wants to do as a going-away party for her good friend.  (Keep this idea in mind as you plan your next girls-night-out---we'd love to do a custom class for you!)  Thanks to all of you who have taken a class, and who keep coming back for more!

Now, to recap the last Glitter class, on March 2nd.  As I said in the previous post, I was so happy that my sister was visiting and able to take this class with us and a great group of women:
Everyone worked diligently on their charms and here are their beautiful results:
This one is strung together
as an ornament--it is FANTASTIC!
So sweet and, well, "happy".

Lots of gorgeous pendants:
My sister wanted to leave town
with this little blue china charm,
but I wouldn't let her.

So, there you have it... another great class.  And now, back to my real job, with a very real deadline (arghghghgh)...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Sweet Sister

My oldest sister Martha (I have two other wonderful big sisters, who, sadly,  also live far away) came for a much-anticipated visit last week.
My little family loves Martha (we call her "Fafi"--a name left over from my childhood) so very much and we really enjoy it when she makes it out here from St. Louis.  I was so glad her visit coincided with another "Girly & Glittery" class.  Fafi is very crafty (in addition to being a terrific chiropractor), and has been very supportive of this little endeavor of mine and Chris's.  She's also the proud grandma of one-year-old Louis and made a glittery charm to show off her status:
And, as you can see, she made a beautiful lacy charm and china-shard charm as well. She wore her new 'Grandma' necklace as she got on the plane back to St. Louis on Monday.  We loved seeing her again, hanging out with her, shopping, junking, laughing, going to the beach, cooking and eating, and all of that good stuff (the dog even slept with her every night, probably much to Fafi's chagrin).  She and Dan have a special connection and friendship.  They had a little in-law breakfast 'date' last Saturday and then spent hours prowling Powell's Books (she had to pack an extra suitcase going back home) together.  Here is the lovely couple:
We all miss her and can't wait to see her again!