Friday, September 18, 2009

Can't wait to get started...

We are really looking forward to starting up Collage College classes in October! We've had such a great response to our flyer and we want to send out a big THANK YOU to those of you who have already registered.  If you need to download another flyer to print out, click here.  But if you still want to get into a class,  you need to act quickly.  The November classes are full, and there are just a couple spots left in the October and December classes.  The additional Halloween and Holiday classes still have room for a few more---each of those is going to be a blast.  (I will be posting pictures of the holiday projects in a future entry--please check back for a sneak peek of these goodies!)

A special thank you to Dear Dan for helping me build the flyer and this blog.  It is very handy having a computer-savvy guy in my back pocket!  There is so much I still want to learn---he seems to do it all so effortlessly.  What a doll.

little danny


  1. I love the COLLAGE COLLEGE banner

  2. Thanks didi! I really need to get a better camera to take sharper pictures. I put that banner over the french doors in my office, so I was wobbling around on a stepladder when I took that pic.