Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting Organized

It feels great to be getting my studio more organized!  I'm used to working in a little (?) bit of chaos, with maybe a 5" X 5" spot on the drafting table clear enough to work on, and piles of materials and reference surrounding me, rushing to meet a deadline.  But with our fun studio classes looming around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity for me to get all my crafty stuff in order, and focus on putting all of my ducks dominoes in a row.

Still time to get your registrations sent in.  Can't wait to hear from you!

Enjoy this glorious weather... And happy 15th birthday today to my Gretchen Rose!


  1. The thing I like most about Collage College (besides the play on words) is that Maggie's office is getting organized! It's so great to see the energy and excitement emanating from the SW corner of our house. I may have to sign up for one of these classes. Are men allowed?
    Love you much Mag...

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  2. Maggie, I am so impressed by your organization! I am not sure that I will recognize your studio. What a partner!

  3. Hey, Gretchen! I thought of you today and am wishing you a Happy Happy 15th from Texas! I need to get up there and help your mom organize dominos, scrabble tiles, etc.--not that she needs it, of course. Soooo envious! Missing you all!

  4. Save a place for Nancy! She's talking about going to both classes. While she's there, I will be at home making collages with old beer labels and Ducks football ticket stubs—now that's art.

  5. jon-jon, I'm doing a collage with old Red Rose teabag labels right now--kinda the same thing but not really. now that's art.

  6. are these photos of your office at home? wow. impressive. nice shelves. wish I were there! wish you were here! I want you to come and issue directives at me about how I should decorate my house!

  7. Such inspiration! I am amazed at what creativity comes out of our classes.