Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BOO! Halloween Necklaces

I added a bunch of spooky Halloween soldered charms to my Etsy shop tonight:
These were all made as class samples for Halloween Charm classes I taught in the past, and I pulled them out over the weekend and dolled them up a little with added soldered dots and crystal dangles. 
There are little witches...
and creepy skulls and skeletons...
and wicked little Halloween-y cut-out words.
(And I also wanted to play around in Photoshop, and figure out how to make these photo grids...thank you for bearing with me!)

I am suddenly in the mood for candy corn and fun-size Snickers. . .


  1. Love love love this!!!
    Beautiful work Maggie!!

  2. Happy Autumn Maggie!
    These are sooo sweet. Thank you for the one that you gifted to me, it is a treasure for sure!
    en-JOY a sweet today,

  3. I love those little dots around the edges - and the creepy subject matter - hehe!!

  4. Don't get me started on the candy corn, OMG! I adore these sweet necklaces. I don't know how long I've been wanting to take a soldering class. These are wonderful!!

  5. Your necklaces are spooky wonderful...
    I am stopping by this morning to thank you for the "Pretty Little Witches" ATC you created for the swap. The ATC is wonderful as is the packaging.
    Have a wonderful fall season.
    Michele Murray

  6. Damn! I hadn't thought of Snickers in awhile! I might NEED those to go with that bag of Candy Corn I grabbed last week. You know I LOVE your "stuff"...these are WICKED! XOXO Tanya