Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tag--You're It!

The last few days have really been CRUNCH time, trying to get everything ready for my daughter's departure to college.  There are 6 large suitcases and duffel bags out, being filled with WAY too much stuff....I think she is in for a rude awakening next week when she tries to fit all of her things into her T-I-N-Y dorm room!  We leave in a week.  Gulp.  So much to do, so little time...

Which is why I have NO business making crafty little tags for the tag challenge I've decided to join over at Tag Tuesday....but I find that when I have way too much to do, I always like a little distraction (do you like the way I'm justifying my procrastination?!?).  These are tags I made for the last two weeks' challenges:
This week, the challenge is "Complementary Colors", and I chose to do a blue/orange tag. I colored a print of a vintage image of twin girls, using Prismacolor pencils (which work so well on matte photo paper, look rich, and are very blendable).

Each girl holds a complementary-colored butterfly (cutting around the girls' thumbs was a challenge!),  and the perfectly two-toned butterfly was added at the top.  I only glued them at the center, so the wings could be folded up a bit for some dimension.
Last week , the theme was "Wedding", so I made this frothy little concoction.  Played around in Photoshop to invert a fancy clip art frame and lettering to white on dove grey.  I cut out the inside of the frame and behind it,  added a vintage photo from The Graphics Fairy.  I found that pretty lace on some ugly garment at Goodwill, and have had it in my stash of goodies for a while.
I made a teeny-tiny bouquet out of some ribbon roses, then added a few rhinestones for sparkle. 

And now, back to PACKING.....


  1. You do such beautiful work, Maggie. I love how pleased the couple in your wedding tag look! And yours was my favorite among the complementary colors tags so far (shh! I didn't say that!) I am wishing you a smooth transition getting your daughter off. So much to do.

  2. Those tags are gorgeous and I applaud you for taking some time out for yourself!

  3. I am like you, when I am really stressed, I find that doing something creative really relaxes me.

    Oh, the joy and sadness of taking a child to college. We were basket cases with the first and much more relaxed with the second.

    Enjoy every minute of it.

  4. both your tags are gorgeous Maggie.
    have a safe trip...hopefully not too far....?

  5. Your tags are gorgeous, Maggie! Best of luck with the big move-in.
    en-JOY a lovely day,

  6. Love these tags, Maggie, esp. the twins. Is the image available through Google images or Graphics Fairy? I would love to use it. Your work is excellent--should have guessed you have been a fashion illustrator. I write and edit and do graphic design. My next big goal is to make soldered jewelry. I love yours, and I also love Portland! Maybe I'll come up for a class one day. I'm planning on taking a Diana Frey workshop in San Luis Obispo in the Fall. I just joined as a follower and would love for you to follow me. I also have an Inspired Sunday link party, so feel free to join any time with any post. So nice to get to know you.

  7. Heavy Sigh - for your daughter leaving, and the beauty in these cards. GRAND diversion, I would say - PERFECT diversion - these ROCK!!! Happy Thursday, Maggie - XOXO Tanya

  8. Love the bird nest silver things in your side bar how gorgeous! I saw your Tag on TT and really love the way this was created so I had to stop by Dxx

  9. I have so enjoyed looking at your blog. I am a bit slow in getting around to everyones blogs in the blissangels group. I love your artwork!
    XXX Becky