Saturday, October 12, 2013

'New' Stuff to Play With: Old Watch Faces!

Look at this pile of rusty, crusty goodness I get to play with!
I just acquired more old watch faces to add to my stash for jewelry making.  The Art & Soul week-long art class event was last week here in Portland, capped off with a vendor night with lots of goodies and supplies for sale.  I don't go to the classes (mainly, because I'm too cheap, plus, I really feel like I've got a lot of the skills down....I just need to get off my butt and DO something with the skills I have now and be busy making stuff rather than sitting in a class...or sitting here at my computer...  But DO I??!!?), but I do try and make it to the vendor night to check out the fun stuff for sale and to chat with some of the artists and instructors.  Besides being stuck on the freeway for almost two hours (arghgh!!) behind a bad crash on the way there, I had a great time, and picked up a few 'new' supplies.

And I love these old watch faces. The cute round one at the top of the pile with the turquoise numbers is a favorite, as are the really old and grungy ones.  Here's what I plan to do with them:
I better get busy!! Time's a'wastin' !!


  1. Lucky you! I'm going through watch face withdrawals and need a fix quick. I love your necklaces and the clever way you used them.

  2. How fun!
    Looks like you hit the jackpot!!
    Love how you plan on using them Maggie!
    Are they going onto your etsy?

  3. Timeless treasures for sure!
    I think it's fantastic that they'll be given another life beautifully and lovingly turned into a stunning piece of jewelry ;D
    (.p.s. Barkley melts my heart every time I see him in your sidebar ^..^)

  4. It does fly, doesn't it - hehe! I love your watch dials and I am bummed that I totally missed the whole thing this year. I am on the hunt for a large dial and have yet to find just the right one.

  5. Your work is always so beautiful. LOVE the watch faces! I could look at them all day!

  6. How fun to have old clock faces to play with. I am sure you will create many wonderful pieces.

  7. Hi there...Found you on Pinterest and am now following. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  8. Hi Maggie, I am Robyn's sister from San Diego. I love all the necklaces you made for her. Can't wait for your etsy shop to be stocked again. I am following you.

  9. Hi Again, I am following you on Pinterest, I didn't mean to sound like I am stalking you!! Hope all is well. Cindy.