Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wee Visitors

I have a long pathway through my backyard, with old trees, gnarly exposed roots and ferns lining each side.  I really enjoy its natural, woodland charm.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who enjoys it.
Over the weekend, I think we had some visitors.

I strolled down the path as I usually do...
...when something caught my eye:
I'm thinking, "What the heck....???" as I look a little closer.
Mind you, neither I nor anyone in my family had anything to do with this little surprise.  I do believe we have fairies in our midst!  What else explains this:
Shell and pinecone furniture inside :-)
Tiny purple dress out front, and itty bitty acorn lanterns, too!
Let's look at the little garden, carefully tended out back:

Complete with little root cellar (click any to enlarge; sorry not clearer photos!)
With a little detective work, I discovered the fairies had some help from a certain special crafty 10-year-old neighbor and her mom.  Apparently, they have had lots and lots of experience with many general contracting jobs in the realm of the wee folk.  So glad their clients chose a plot to build on in my neck of the woods!


  1. Enchanted forest!

  2. That is adorable!! I wonder if I can entice some fairies to build a home in one of our trees....

  3. If that isn't the cutest thing yet. The fairies knew that you would appreciate their presence. You just never know what will come your way. Think happy thoughts today, tomorrow and everyday!