Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finishing Touches

Today feels like Monday, with a long list of errands to get done for the week ahead.  I need to get the Bird Song tags in the mail soon, so this morning got to the task of finishing them up with a little rubber-stamping:
Simple tasks like this are a wee bit difficult, because my left hand (guess who is left-handed...) is swollen like crazy and the bee-stung welts itch even crazier.  Bees don't just get mad, they get even.  And it goes on for days, with different symptoms each day.  Weird.  And maddening.

My "real job" is rearing its ugly head and insisting I finish a web-site design for a client this week, as well as an illustration for Simplicity Patterns.  Since making cute tags doesn't pay my bills, I better get to work.


  1. your tags are gorgeous. I'm in this swap also and would be delighted if one of yours was included in my book. I can't imagine the chore Karla has ahead of her. But what fun for us!

  2. I love the pockets on the tags, really cute! Have you tried Benedryl for the bee sting? That has helped me in the past. Good luck with it, ouch!