Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday treats

I had a birthday this week.  Yes, the extra year added to my stats is a little depressing, but getting loving messages and sweet gifts from friends and family makes it much, much more bearable!  Here's a wonderful gift from some good friends:
A lovely potted plant.  Very pretty indeed.  But, hidden among the yellow and peach flowers...
look closely...
Precious yellow and peach glazed porcelain blossoms!

And now let's look inside the box...
Okay, nice little glazed ceramic frog.  Interesting.
My friend explains that yes, it's cute, but there is a REASON it was picked for me...
It FLOATS!  It's perfect for my POND!  How cute is this little guy, floating along and keeping our goldfish company?!
These doo-dads came all the way from an art fair in Germany, where my friends recently vacationed.  I love them!  It makes getting older (almost) worth it!

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  1. lantana! smush a leaf and smell the sharp scent. it's sun-loving (they're perennial in Texas), so it would thrive on a front step... did you ever actually plant that salmon-blossomed bush in the ground? ... I love that frog!