Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too much fun!

Another great class!  This one was our fourth "Collage College",  our 2-night class with jewelry charms the first night and collaged coasters the second night.  It was a small but mighty group of extremely fun ladies, who went home with some beautiful projects and Uncle Marvin (scandalous!). Chris and I really enjoyed this bunch! 
These gals knew there way around a scissors and paper...
 And look at their sweet charms:
Cute, cute stuff.  And look who showed up again! It's Jodi, the teacher's pet:
Our intrepid crafter, ready at a moment's notice to make some charms! (or does she just jump at the chance to be away from 'the boys'?)
The second class had us cutting even more snippets of paper....just look at the mess on this table:
People got right to work on their collages...
And She-Who-Hates-Glitter actually succumbed to the creative spirit in the room and started sprinkling:
Here are the finished products and the lovely spokesModels who made them:
Okay, I know I said "spokesModels" earlier, but this is a little ridiculous......
Like I've said before, our students REALLY get into these classes!  Susan is very happy with her beautiful "S" pendant, as evidenced above.  But get a load of her 'wonky house' charm, my most favorite house charm made thus far:
Just ridiculously cute, you have to agree!

THANKS for yet ANOTHER fun, fun class, Ladies!


  1. Are we having fun or what? I love looking at all the pictures - they make me laugh! Chris

  2. Maggie and Chris,
    My first class with altered images and it was a kick! I love seeing all the pics and look forward to the fall schedule. Thanks to both of you.