Wednesday, February 3, 2010


 I know I'm being redundant, but we had another stellar group of ladies last week, who diligently put their goggles on, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work making a batch of beautiful charms.  Here are our intrepid crafters:

Lacy charms, glittery charms, and china charms were labored over, and here are the beautiful results:
Did I mention they were really beautiful?  Thank you, ladies, for a truly enjoyable class!!


  1. Fafi wrote:
    Oh, my GOSH! Your students are sooooo gifted! Their choices of subject matter and placement are outstanding! You need to take this show on the road! Um, I guess you HAVE, via this blog! Congratulations on another great class!

  2. Thanks Fafi,
    Wait till you see the next batch!! I know, everyone really has done a beautiful job, haven't they? I have a huge pile to solder from last night's class. I will post pics soon.

  3. I want to see a clearer picture of your apron. how did you get the design onto the fabric??

  4. Hi Didi,
    If you click on Chris's picture baking cookies (Dec. 9) it should come up larger and you can see a bit more detail. I took the design from our flyer, enlarged and rearranged it, flopped it to be reversed, and then printed it onto iron-on transfer paper (from Office Depot or such). Then ironed it on!