Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Chris!!!

Today marks another birthday for dear Chris.  As she gets older, her judgment has suffered a bit, however, as evidenced by the picture below:
The poor woman has turned into a soldered-charm-necklace-oholic, as you can see.  She simply can't stop herself.  Some days are so bad, she actually topples forward from all that weight hanging off her neck.  Poor thing.  She does have some good days, though:
See how much happier she looks with just one sweet little chain and just a wee bit of glitter?  Keep her in your thoughts today, as she celebrates her birthday, and pray that her compulsive condition improves...

happy birthday, dear chris.  you are such a wonderful friend and crafty partner!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you! I am so proud of all the classes Maggie & you have taught - you two are quite talented. xoxo Diane

  2. What a hoot! Leave it to you to post me in my finest jewels. Chris

  3. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Chris. Let's be sure to lift a glass of vino in Italia to commemorate--not only your b-day but the fun and satisfaction that we all are having with this venture!. va bene -Dan

  4. Happy Birthday Mom!! You and Maggie should be so proud of all your beautiful creations! I feel so luck to have such a wonderful and talented Mom! YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME!!! Love you loads! xoxo, Karen

  5. Fafi says, "So looking forward to meeting you, Chris! Hope your day was a happy one."