Saturday, January 23, 2010

Auntie Mary's Lace

If you take bits and tatters of vintage and well-loved lace,  encase them in little soldered glass frames and embellish with creamy, vintage pearls, you are left with dear, nostalgic keepsakes...
If you have a cherished china plate, chipped and cracked from years of loyal use,  and you just can't bear to throw it away....

put a shiny silver frame around it and suddenly it has new life as an exquisite pendant:

And if you have a word that perfectly expresses your attitude toward life,  make it sparkle and proclaim it to the world...

All of these unbelievably beautiful charms were made by our terrific students in our first "Girly & Glittery" class this past week.  I described how they did it in the previous post, below.  The next class is this Tuesday, Jan. 26.  Download the flyer in the sidebar to the right for more info on how to register!


  1. You are getting so good at this blog! The photographs are getting better, too - composition, background - great!
    Love, Fafi

  2. Thanks, Fafi! We just added a third "Girly & Glittery" class. Having lots of fun, and the charms everyone is making are really wonderful.

  3. marg, I love the extra touch of little pearly dangles. as for your blog, I agree with marth, and I'd add that the writing is good too, inviting and poetic.

  4. Thanks, Didi! I sure have nice sisters. So complimentary....I blush.

  5. Love your ideas! Love your blog... so creative~

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Maggie~ I found a link to "your wonderful Mag Rag" from one of blogs I frequently visit...they listed you as one of their favorites (can't remember which one...) I love working with such an amazing agent~ we're like a small little family :)

    Hope your day is perfect!

  7. Where do you get the glass tiles and frames to encase the lace?

    1. Sherry, I cut the glass from larger pieces I get at the hardware store. The frames are hand-crafted, using copper tape which is then soldered in the silver you see here.

      You could buy ready-made framed glass charms at a craft store and slip lace inside, if you don't know how to solder.

      Glad you stopped by,

  8. The Frames with Lace, What a Great Grandma Gift.
    Wonderful Wonderful Ideas.
    Congratulations and Thank You for Sharing