Friday, January 8, 2010

December Classes...a month late!

(warning: really long post ahead...)
I have been meaning to post photos of our December session of Collage Collage, as well as the two Holiday Ornament classes, but, as was probably the case for most of you, December got a bit hectic. Better late than never, let me introduce you to the third group of lovely ladies we hosted for this latest "College":

(I made these name-tags in the style of a collage artist whose work I admire, Marsha Jorgensen.  You can check her out here).  Everyone got right to work, finding the monogram initials they liked and then creating their little house-and-map charms. Busy, busy,busy....

And here are the final products (be sure to click on this one to see larger):

Aren't the 'wonky' houses cute?  Wish my photo was clearer (didn't get the fancy camera for Christmas....)

At the second class, everyone worked diligently on their coasters, combining a variety of images to make some wonderful collages.

Nancy looking awfully cute as she gathers her materials. 

Nancy pulled together these pretty rosy pink stamps and images, but ended up not using them (love how beautiful they look in this photo, though):

Crissy showing off her handiwork.
Finished coasters:

 Robyn worked so hard, she started seeing double!
Now,on to our first ornament class.  This is the extra one we added early in December because the original ornament class scheduled later in December filled so quickly.  We used beveled glass to make some very charming 2 x 3" keepsakes for the tree.  A twisted wire (lotsa fun to twist wire with a power drill) decorative loop was added as a hanger, and baubles (chandelier crystals, jingle bells, etc.) dangled from jump-rings on the bottom. Each one was so unique.  True labors of love. Many were made as gifts---I'm sure the recipients loved them!
 crafty in-laws!

Lots of laughs with hilarious Joan:

Familiar faces...
And finally, our last class of 2009, the second ornament class.  We must have been really busy that night, because we failed to take any pictures of our students hard at work!  But rest assured.... Judy, Colleen, Kari, Beth, and Debbie all put their hearts and souls into these little masterpieces:
Thank you  to all of you who took our first wave of classes!!  We ended the year so pleased that we jumped into this new venture,  and so grateful to wonderful friends who supported us.  And now we can't wait to start the new classes in the new year!!  The flyers should have arrived in mailboxes starting today, and we already have a bunch of sign ups!   Sneak peek of new projects coming in future posts.  If you need to download another new class schedule, go to the sidebar on the right of this post, to print one out.


  1. Thanks for the really long and newsy post! No wonder you all are so popular - news should travel fast with the fun you're providing! Love you as much as ever...fafi

  2. Chris said: Maggie, once again you captured the FUN we had during those classes. I love seeing what everyone accomplished. Thanks for the blog. Your partner in crafty!

  3. everyone's creations are so beautifully designed. and it's all "so easy" thanks to your influence, margo!