Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life is a Circus!

Another monthly swap over at artJoystuff . . . 
this time with the theme  

I used a colorful image of a robed elephant 
and added jewels and glitter for more sparkle
(alas, I wish the image hadn't included the prod-wielding trainer. Our local zoo is under scrutiny for past overzealous prod misuse, and it makes me furious and disgusted! 
And, truth be told, animals in circuses, caged & hauled around in trucks,  bother me quite a bit, too--
but the imagery is sure great...).
The elephant and the circus label are both raised up to be 3-d.

Always on the lookout for apropos clipart to add my info on the backside,
I found this goofy booted elephant to keep with the theme:

and tucked each card in a bright envelope, adding a little tag I made from a darling old photo:

I had some extra bits left over and made a specially labeled envelope for Kim:

And look what came in the mail today!! ~ 

Okay, I MUST go to the Post Office and get these fantastic circus postage stamps!!!  I hadn't seen them before and they are so wonderful!  I will even brave the long line, the horrible service, and the very unfriendly staff at my nearby station ....or maybe try to order them online?!?
Yes, that's a much better idea as I believe these may have been issued a while ago. 
But I digress........

Inside the package I found these delightful ATCs, each colorful and clever...

left to right, by Marlene, by Kim, and by Sherry (complete with dancing rhino!) ~ Thanks, Ladies!!

...along with a happy little vintage clown that Kim included with the swap:

Circus Fun!


  1. Hi Maggie.
    Your AYCs and presentation were awesome (as always)! You will be missed from June's swap, hope you'll be back soon.
    hugs and JOY,

  2. Well done! I agree about the elephants at the zoo and would love to have one of those elephant paintings they make. At least they let them have some fun with that, at least here in Portland!

  3. Wow -- another fabulous swap! Makes me want to play with paper. You are so talented.

  4. What an awesome post...every photo is just so fun and alive. I was so lucky to receive one of YOUR ATC's. The Elephant is gorgeous. And such fun papers. Your packaging was so cute too. Thanks...I love these SWAPS for the theme Kimberly creates and the fun talents and friendships I've made thru them. Have a lovely week. We have a SUNSHINE day.

  5. Oh wow, this is such a fantastic post! The pictures are amazing and I love your swaps :) I'm your newest follower <3