Friday, March 27, 2015

What I've been working on...

My latest ATCs 
for artJOYstuff's March swap, "Fairy Garden"...

Twigs, moss and little flowers (and glitter, of course!)
added to the sweetest image of a baby fairy... 

I found this darling image in my clip art books 
to scan and use for signing the back...

My regular work has kept me busy.  
I've been doing more surface designs for tote bags, and
working ahead for the next holiday season.  
Here's a peek at a new chalkboard-style Christmas bag:

Sorry about all the copyright watermarks, but when these get reposted on Pinterest or elsewhere, I can't risk having them copied and printed by others.
Here's a peek at another chalkboard-style design for Halloween:

And a 'retro' Holiday design:

I have to re-paint the central figure on this one.  Her hands and packages look very weird.
And, finally, one more generic design for next Fall:

As usual, the buyer "loved" (I quote, skeptically) these, 
BUT the purchase orders still haven't been signed for these to go ahead and be printed. 
So I am on pins and needles hoping the orders go through.  
Not fun to put in hours and hours of work, on spec, with no guarantee 
that I'll see actual income from these.  
Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh Maggie,
    everything is just so neat and lovely!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Beautiful work. Everything is lovely, but I absolutely love the grain sack design!

  3. I adore your fairy garden ATCs, my goodness, they are just so delightful. The image of the fairy child is one of the sweetest I have come across, and all those wonderful 3 dimensional embellishments make the ATCs so special.

  4. You have been a busy bee, indeed! You may not be happy with the shopper's hands but you captured the excitement of Christmas perfectly on her face. Good luck with the order!

  5. Oh Maggie I love everything you do! Swooning over the fairy ATCs and I'm not even a big fan of fairies!!! <3

  6. Maggie - you are SUCH an inspiration (and I've been lax on my blog reading lately, I apologize). Love those little fairy knees - and where/who carries your bags once they go to print? I would LOVE to get my hands on some, my creative friend. Happy Tuesday - XOXO

  7. My goodness, you sure have been busy designing some beautiful creations. Love your sweet cards and all the bag designs too.

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