Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pink, Black and Bling! ~ and I didn't buy a thing!

I love it when a swap has a great theme, one that sets very specific parameters to work within.  Kimberly's latest ATC swap at ArtJoyStuff was "Pink, Black and Bling" and here's the bling-y confection I came up with ~

I made three of them for the swap, each with their little pink organza bag ~

I wanted to send Kimberly a little thank-you gift, and went to my stationery stash and found the perfect card ~ 

I actually found a whole BOX of these . . . I remember picking them up years ago at a church rummage sale for a quarter!  Want some? ~ I believe there are now 11 of them remaining in the box . . .
and I tucked this bling-y black cross inside ~

I have about 12 of these left over from a jewelry class I taught . . .

It amazes me what I can find when I dig through my endless stash of STUFF.  Leftover bling-y charms from another project, little organza bags I had stuffed in a cupboard for some unknown reason (probably to hold birthday party treats for my daughter, is my guess), tiny pieces of ribbon and trim that I can't bear to toss, endless bits of pretty papers . . . you get the idea!  I love these little projects that let me JUSTIFY MY HOARD :-)


  1. the funny, sad, silly, awesome, etc. thing is that in no way do these charming blingies put a dent in your stash! but I agree, they so justify having same! love you much, Sis!
    xxoo Fafi

  2. I adore Kimberly's swaps and the Pink Black and Bling theme really was wonderful. I adore your design. Such a sweet gift for Kimberly. Those black cat cards are uber fun. Creative Bliss...

  3. how cute!!
    you did a great job (as usual) on these!!!
    love the little cat note cards!

  4. So lovely. I think the cross is just beautiful.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  5. One of my favorite color combinations and they turned out so pretty. I agree about what we stash away and it's fun to "find" the things all over again!

  6. your e-mail prompted me to check your blog, which I haven't visited in a long time. I love your blingy pink and black thingies! xox didi

  7. Beautiful, as always, Maggie! Thanks again for the beautiful extras, you are so thoughtful.
    hugs and JOY,

  8. I love when that happens, too! FABULOUS stash items - EXTRA fabulous end results, my friend. LOVE the pink and black...and the bling. Happy Wednesday, Maggie - Tanya

  9. I love what you used for your bling, I love your trims as well. Very beautiful.

  10. I'm so excited I got one of yours, it's beautiful. Thank you.