Tuesday, November 19, 2013

keepin' it real . . . my MESSY HOUSE!

In three days, my friend Chris and I will host our annual Holiday Bazaar.  We do it every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, to kick off our Christmas season.  And every year, for about the last 8 years, I tell myself I am NOT going to procrastinate till the last minute nor let myself get CRAZY with projects all over the house.

Once again, my good intentions fell by the wayside.

So instead of finishing my myriad projects, I decided to walk around the house to document the lunacy:
My poor kitchen table...(we've been eating from our laps in the family room for days on end...)
Piles of STUFF, covering the table....along with the sewing machine, and oh yes, my glass-cutting stuff as well

The island has been taken over, too....not a lot of cooking going on these days...
And then there's the table in my studio: my printer is being swallowed up by the jewelry projects in progress...
Oh, and of course my work desk....looks like there might be a couple of square inches to keep working...

I have been having a BUNCH of fun, learning how to etch metal.  It has become very addicting (just what I needed: a new distraction).  I've been combining the etched copper with my soldering, beading and leather.  These double-wrap bracelets should be priced at about $300 each, if I count all the hours I've put into them....don't think that'll fly with our customers!

Well, enough of break.  I GOTTA GET BACK TO WORK!  Just keepin' it real . . .


  1. Love this!
    It's the home a true creator:)

  2. Oh my goodness, I don't feel so bad now - lol - Thank you for sharing the creativity!!

  3. Your house looks just like mine...covered with projects from one room to the next. Your creations are fabulous and I'm sure your Holiday Bazaar will be a huge success. Have fun!!!

  4. I can SOOO relate to the Lunacy of your situation... so much so that my Post today Shared my own Personal Crime Scene, to keep it real and make myself accountable that something MUST be done and I have to run some serious damage control... AGAIN! *LOL* At least yours looks like you're actually WORKING ON SOMETHING, mine by comparison looks like someone broke in and ransacked the place but without hauling any of it away for me! *winks* Right now I'm contemplating where I even have space to throw up a Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving if I don't get a handle on the situation by then? *Le Sigh* Holiday Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Thank you for keeping it real! I see I'm not the only one who takes over the kitchen table when the dining room table is packed -- and never mind the office/studio -- who can work with all the clutter in there! I wish I could be there for your show; I know it will be great!!

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