Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time Slips Away

I just finished this ATC, for a swap I'm doing with Kimberly.  I think it reflects how melancholy I've been feeling lately about how quickly the years have flown by as I've watched my daughter grow up.  Her last day of high school was yesterday.  The big awards ceremony was today, and of course, I got a little teary-eyed.  She's ready to spread her wings and fly the coop, but some days I wish she was still my little girl playing with her dolls.


  1. Such an appropriate ATC to honor your little girl and her graduating into her independence. Time does pass all too quickly. Make memories to savor...

  2. It is a big milestone, for sure, but it is not an end. It is a beginning of a new chapter in all your lives with many new memories and adventures ahead! Enjoy the lovely person you have created!

  3. Beautiful ATC.
    I know just how you are feeling, when my only child (daughter) graduated high school I began to question myself, did I do everything right, would I of changed anything, where did all the time go, it seemed like it was a blur. Letting go of our children only a little bit so they can grow on their own is a very hard thing to do. You will get through, all will be fine I am sure.
    Thanks for stopping by my "woods" post, yes it is an amazing piece of the island.

  4. It's so precious. Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday they were starting kindergarten.

  5. Oh Maggie, she is the sweetest! She arrived safely on Saturday, she crossed paths with the one I sent you, so you should have it soon. I know your pain. My youngest (of 2 boys/men) will be a college senior this Fall, I could swear that I only just put him on the school bus to his first day of kindergarten. Congratulations to your daughter and you too!
    hugs and JOY,

  6. I so understand those times where we wish with all our might that time can be returned to us! Hang in there as there as so many wonderful times to come.. new adventures that will be better than you ever imagined!

  7. Love this ATC! It conveys everything you wrote without saying a word! I know Kimberley will treasure this!

  8. Oh daughter graduated from HS in 2003 and college in 2013. Took her 10 years to finish but she did so (with her hubby) debt free. When I compare her pictures of both ceremonies I'm just overcome. She went from a young girl to a young woman. She left me way tooo soon.

    LOVE your ATC. Fab. You Be De QUEEN! LOVE IT!

    About my kitchen remodel? Well...we're nuts. That sums it up!