Sunday, May 19, 2013

Proud Mama!

Last week my daughter had her h.s. senior photos taken.  Most of her friends had theirs done in the fall, so I scrambled to find a photographer that could fit her in before school is out, wanting to include photos with her graduation announcements.  I literally googled "Senior Photographers, Portland" and pawed through page after page of possibilities....none of whom impressed me that much, or their prices were so astronomical I quickly moved on.  About 5 or 6 pages in, I stumbled upon a gal who just started her business fairly recently, and the photos in her relatively small online gallery took my breath away!  I thought I'd take a chance, knowing no one who had used her before, and booked an appointment.  OH MY GOSH....SOOOO happy with the results!! (do click on these to view larger; the texture and light are so pretty)
We met her at a beautiful forest-y park in a nearby town (Canby), and she took the most scrumptious natural-light photographs.  I wanted her to capture my daughter's beautiful light-colored eyes....and, uh, YEAH, I think she succeeded! They positively GLOW.  We've only seen a few images so far; she is still editing them.  
I am one proud Mama!  I think my little (??) Gretchen looks gorgeous!! (and I am very, very biased!!!)
By the end of the shoot, our darling photographer, Erika Scott (The Red Barn Photography), even got a little teary-eyed and emotional over the images she was capturing.  It was just such a fun, positive experience ...and felt like kismet that we stumbled upon her, out of the blue, and took a chance.

Love it when that happens!  

Be forewarned: once we receive the whole edited package, this proud Mama will be posting more photos...kind of like the neighbors who make you sit through their vacation slide show :-)!!


  1. Just beautiful, that it a beautiful setting for a beautiful girl. That is so wonderful! Di

  2. Oh Maggie...your daughter is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Her eyes are so gorgeous to me ~ I know you are just so proud you could pop!

    Great news angel...YOU WON MY SEAM BINDING!!! Please email me your mailing address to:
    sewmanyroses (at) yahoo (dot) com, OK???
    xxoo, Dawn

    1. seriously, Dawn??!! Talk about kismet...I have been very lucky lately. You are a doll!!

      xoxoxo, maggie

  3. Your daughter is beautiful and yes those eyes are as deep and clear as a lagoon. Your persistence to find the right photographer really was worth it. Congratulations dear...
    And congratulations on winning Dawn's seam bindings.

  4. Maggie, your daughter is stunning and you have every right to be a proud mama! I love the forest setting.

  5. Well, the photographs are gorgeous, but the model, to begin with, is absolutely STUNNING!!! You have every right to be biased...what a great group of photos for the photographer to add to her portfolio - SCORE, for BOTH of you! Happy Monday, Maggie - XOXO

  6. Your daughter is gorgeous, and the photographer is talented -- lucky you! Just lovely.

  7. Oh, Maggie, keep them coming!! Gretchen is gorgeous and no wonder you're so proud of her. I'm sure for soooo many reasons! You crack me up about getting the senior photos done now. That would be me! I see everyone scrabbling to capture their child in the fall, too, but like you I kept putting it off. But perhaps it was meant to be as you found a photographer that was genius! And I love how you are supporting a budding artist! Just the best!! Everyone came out a winner on this one!

  8. It was wonderful meeting you & Gretchen & a pleasure taking Gretchen's Senior Portraits!

  9. You certainly did choose the right photographer. Your daughter is a real beauty!

  10. She's Stunning! Love the natural look and setting- beautifully done :)

  11. Wonderful Photography! Your daughter is gorgeous, any modeling in her future now? She is great in front of the camera!