Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Lucky am I? I Won this Lace Journal...

I visited many new-to-me blogs
 during Vicki's blog party, and in the process, 
was entered into several giveaways.  
And I won a couple!!!  
That absolutely shocked me, because I never, ever win anything!

Yesterday, this beautiful hand-made lace journal arrived--
Do click to enlarge to see all the details:
It was lovingly made by Socrates, 
who has the blog Altered Meditations.   
A multi-layered collage of laces, fabrics, 
photo transfers, charms, fibers and more adorns the front cover.  
More lace, fabric and buttons make up the back cover:
Neat little pockets 
are found on both front and back inside covers:

Many of the blank inside pages 
are textured with paint and subtle stamping:
I'm not sure what I'll use this journal for....
I always have a couple going, for little sketches and ideas, 
as well as a diary of sorts.  
I'd like to use this one for something special, 
just not sure what yet.

I also plan to keep the cool tissue paper it was wrapped in 
( I can't throw anything away!!)
--those medallions would look so great 
layered into my angel paintings 
and the tissue + mod podge would make them transparent.  
Very cool:

 Thank you, wholeheartedly, to Socrates for this wonderful book.  
Go visit her blog and see her other luscious journals,
beading, and paintings!


  1. What a beautiful little journal! Congratulations!

  2. THAT is beautiful!!! Congrats - what a happy week! Tanya

  3. Oh you luck duck, that is gorgeous! Be sure to show us how you decide to use it. Looks like it would be fun to make one, too. Always more ideas than time....!

  4. Hello Maggie, What a very beautiful Journal indeed.Congratulation on your win. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Judy

  5. Lucky you! It's gorgeous with so many pretty details.

  6. You WERE a lucky girl!! I love those journals made out of bits and pieces of lace and fabric. Someday I will have to hunker down and make one. But to receive one is so fabulous!1