Thursday, March 22, 2012

Painting Angels

I had this and a few other angel paintings on display in a small gallery/frame shop nearby, and it was recently returned to me.  Several of the others sold, but I was kind of glad this one didn't.  It's hanging next to my computer, and I like looking at all the layers of collaged papers (click on the image--all the details show up beautifully in the enlargement) peeking through the painting (first time I had tried this technique).

I also like to remember actually painting this one:  a good friend let me stay at her magnificent beach house in Seaside, OR a couple months ago, and I spent dreamy hours painting away while the beach was just steps away.

I'm so anxious to go back!  I could use a change of scenery and a bit of inspiration.


  1. I think she was meant to stay with you to remind you of such a lovely time! Ah, painting at the beach sounds wonderful.

  2. maybe if we do our train trip in october, we could all hang out at the beach together for a while. xoxo

  3. It's gorgeous and happy to be back with you. It's amazing how creative we can be when we're relaxed. Hope you get to go back soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Maggie! Just popping in to say hi :). I have always loved your beautiful angels and especially all the detail on each one. The beach sounds great on a day like today. Finally a sunny day...hooray! Happy Monday!!

  5. I love Seaside... I can see why you'd be inspired there. Isn't it a great little town?

    Love your angel painting... what a sweet face she has.