Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanks, Patina White!

I keep telling myself to post more often, and before I know it, almost 3 months have flown by! I'm amazed by bloggers that crank out beautiful posts, with well thought-out commentary and gorgeous photography, nearly every day.  How do they do it??  Superwomen, I guess.

First up, I have to show you what came in the mail the other day:
This and the next photo from Patina White.
One of my favorite blogs is  'Show & Tell' by the darling Beth of Patina White.  She's crazy for rusty, funky junk (a girl after my own heart!), and then proceeds to make awesome creations with it.  She's clever, funny and talented,  runs a treasure-filled shop that I long to visit in Detroit Lakes, MN, and on top of all that, she's very generous.  I just LOVED these cards she printed from her sweet little collages, long admired by yours truly --and lo & behold,  she sent me a pack of them, out of the goodness of her pea-pickin' little heart!!  The little snow fairy image, front and center, above, is my absolute favorite.
Thanks, Beth!  I don't even know ya, but I love ya!  And I believe we could be long-lost best friends, even though I also believe you might be about 25 years my junior, dang it.
That was a great little surprise, and such a sweet gesture from one cool chick that I admire immensely.  Ok, enough gushing...

I've been busy with crafty stuff myself for our 3rd annual Holiday Boutique that Chris & I do each November.  I'll post about that another time, hopefully not another 3 months from now.  Chris and I went to another great Holiday event at Al's Garden Center, where she took this picture of me (it's my Facebook profile pic now):
You know I love little old tractors, after years of my dad working for International Harvester!
And finally, want to show another series of my illustration work in progress.  Just finished this up for Patty Reed Designs for Simplicity Patterns this week, for the new little girl's line called "The Madison Collection":
As usual, my uber-cluttered desk.  Ridiculous.
Inking completed, and watercolor starting to be added.
More color added.  I wasn't happy with the uneven color on the left side, but figured the fabric print would camouflage the splotchiness.
Print added.  The client is selling the fabric as well as the sewing pattern design, so the print has to be pretty detailed and accurate.
Illustration completed.  Am I crazy, or does this look a little bit like my new friend 'Patina' Beth?


  1. Thanks, Incipient Wings! Glad you visited!

  2. You are so, so talented in so many ways!!! I love your caring ways, laughter and the times we enjoy together. Chris

  3. Such a beautiful illustration!!! I always love seeing your work Maggie ~ and you're right, she does look like Beth! I hope you're doing wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. hi, margy! when are you coming to visit?

  5. Beautiful illustration! I want to buy the fabric now... plus, the little girl is a beauty.

  6. OK...really, you made these illustrations?? They are AWESOME!!! I adore your little girl in her aqua & browns, those are my favorite colors too.
    I have written a couple of children's books & always wanted to find an illustrator. Have you ever illustrated a book before? Your work is BEAUTIFUL!