Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog....I'm done!

WHEW!  Got 'em done.  Signed, sealed, delivered.  Yay!  And wouldn't the above be a great picture if it was actually crisp and in focus??  Arghghgh.
Right after I took this picture, I spent the next half hour untangling all of the chains.  Arghghgh.
Now....back to work!


  1. These are so so sweet Maggie. The charity is so blessed to have you design these for them. I discovered you through Charlene's blog and just had to come on over for a visit. Love your studio tour are so organized and I like the way you store your treasures. Looks as though you and your friends have a beautiful location to create and have gal pal time.

  2. oh my stars and jewelry idol just commented on my blog. i am not worthy!! Diana Frey's jewelry is ridiculously gorgeous and i drool over her flickr pics. :-)

  3. I'm really in the heck do you solder so perfectly?? I mean each & every one of your charms are PERFECT. And I love how you put the dots of solder on some of the I said in my post...I SUCK at soldering. But by God, I will get better if I have to burn every single finger off in the process. LOL